Sunday, November 30, 2014

Socializing, Gilmore Girls, and Packing

Last year, hanging out with a friend was as simple as waking up and talking to my roommate across the bedroom. Even if Michelle wasn't awake, I could still talk to her and wake her up and then, voilĂ ! Hangin' out with a friend! Just kidding, I wasn't that annoying. (Yes, I have a friend named Michelle. Yes, we shared a bedroom. Yes, we sometimes get mistaken as sisters and we have to explain to strangers that we are not sisters and we would have very cruel parents if we were sisters because we have the same name. Oh, you didn't expect that last bit of information? Well, I let you in on that fun fact anyway.)

Anywho, hanging out with friends a year ago was very very easy. Not only did I live with three of them, most of my other friends lived a short walk or bus ride away. Socializing and going out on the town occurred every weekend, sometimes even during the week.

I consider myself a friendly introvert. I enjoy going out with friends and socializing, but boy does it wear me out. I recharge my batteries by spending some quality time with lil ol' me. I like reading, Netflixing, YouTubing, internetting, writing, and coloring. I've recently rediscovered my love of coloring. I got this really intense coloring book during one of my Costco runs with Grandma. It has extremely detailed drawings of animals. Pretty neat. Really great for people that need to keep busy while binge watching Gilmore Girls. Coloring. It's not just for primary school children anymore. 

So as I was saying, I like my alone time. This semester, I have had a lot of alone time. Maybe too much alone time. This has been my least social semester of college. It's not that I don't want to hang out with my friends. I love them and I really do. It's just so much work to go meet up with friends when it's a two-hour ride over to wherever they are. It's so much easier to just stay at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Who needs friends when you have old people and Rory and Lorelai Gilmore?

(image via
(image via
(image via
(image via
(image via
I do. I need friends. Who am I trying to kid? Everyone needs friends.

(image via

There's just that pesky being-on-the-other-side-of-the-Bay business.

Luckily I have some pretty awesome friends. About a month ago, Michelle and Kiley offered up the idea that I spend the night at their place Thursday nights. They have an air mattress, so obviously I jumped on the offer! Not just because of the air mattress. That sounded like I was only down because I love air mattresses. Not that I don't think air mattresses are cool. They're pretty cool. It's just not- You know what? I think you get it.

Back to my incredibly generous friends... Their offer means I don't have to get home so late Thursday nights and then wake up as early the next day. Those of you that have read my commute blog post know what I'm talking about. This also provides time for us to hang out and watch Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Thursday night = Shonda night. A few times (most times), I have spent the night Friday as well. More time to hang out with friends! Yay!

These sleepovers have also increased the amount of packing and unpacking I do every week. Remember my Tuesdays blog post? I pack and unpack to go to Cache Creek too! However, I admit I have not been going with Grandma and Grandpa to Cache Creek every week. Sometimes I gotta take a break from the cigarette smoke, the bright bright lights, and the constant noise of coin sound effects. Plus, I feel bad having Grandma and Grandpa wait for me to get home to get on the road. By the time we leave, it's already so dark. Darn you, Standard Time!

I am now a professional packer and have narrowed down the smallest amount of essentials needed. My skin may be a little drier and my hair may not look as cute, but I can smell clean and not look homeless. I have seven essential toiletries that I always bring. 

My seven essential toiletries are:
  1. makeup remover wipes
  2. pimple cream
  3. under-eye cream
  4. assortment of drugs
  5. toothbrush
  6. deodorant
  7. dry shampoo
I'll throw in my retainers if I'm feeling like a really good girl. I've got some other stuff that gets chucked into my backpack along with my normal, everyday crap. They aren't as essential, but they're pretty necessary if I want to appear to be a normal, functioning member of society. They are my makeup bag, clean underwear, and maybe a change of clothes. However, I can always borrow something of my friends' because they have super cute style and- Did I mention?- they're awesome. They let me use their closets and it's great. Same goes for toothpaste, face wash, and shower stuff. Basically the most accommodating and exclusive hotel you could ever stay in for free. 

What I'm saying is, my friends are the best. I don't know what I would do without them.

(image via
(image via
Actually, I do. I would be watching Netflix and coloring every free moment I have. Luckily, they have internet so we can still be homebodies if we want and watch Netflix on the couch and air mattress. I can live a few days without coloring. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

VIDEO! DIY: Tina Belcher Costume

Hello, friend! 

A couple weeks ago I published a post with a DIY for my Lumpy Space Princess costume and my plans for my Tina Belcher costume.

Well I have the full Tina costume now and decided to show you in a video! How handy dandy!

So without any further ado, how to dress up as my spirit animal, Tina Belcher:

Hope you enjoyed!

I had a ton of fun making this and I think I might make more videos in the future. What do you think?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grapes and Mixed Signals

A few years ago, I developed a theory about grapes. 

This is the theory: Grapes are basically tiny watermelons.

#so #fresh
(image via

A wild watermelon in its natural habitat.
(image via

Now before you disagree and form rebuttals and get down in that comments section to prove how wrong I am, check out this Venn Diagram I made: 
(image via me)


Anyway, grapes are pretty great. Watermelons are also pretty great. However, this post is just about grapes. And mixed signals. But we'll get to that in a lil bit.

I don't think I've ever met another human that did not love or at least just enjoy eating grapes. Kids, adults, teens, the elderly. Everyone loves grapes. Including Grandma. Along with mangoes, plums, and apples, grapes are in Grandma's top five fruits that she buys on a regular basis. The other fruit in that list is pineapple. Why didn't I include it in that first listing? I don't know. Let's move on.

A little over a month ago, the school year had just begun and Grandma bought some grapes. For some reason, she seemed to think that I was not eating them. Even though I was. I love grapes. Why would I not eat them? I would be denying myself of the simple but delicious pleasure of eating one of my top five favorite fruits. I explained this to her. Still, she reminded me every day until we finished that darned bag that they existed. This also led to some mixed messages from Grandma.

One night I was about to go to bed...
(image via my twitter profile)
 I told her "no thank you" and that I was going to bed.

(image via my twitter profile)

(image via my twitter profile)
She was telling me some story that I can't remember now, but I had questions and started asking them. After a few answers, she suddenly was concerned that I was not sleeping and told me to go to sleep. Again. I don't think Grandma realizes that sleeping is one of my favorite things and I don't really need demands to do so.

The next day as we are in the car and pulling out of the garage to go to Cache Creek...
(image via my twitter profile)
She put the car in park and I got out and grabbed a bag of grapes.
(image via my twitter profile)
Neither of us ate the grapes. 

We brought them home the next day and stuck them in the fridge. Then I ate them for dessert. Then Grandma asked me why I was eating the grapes. She wanted me to eat ice cream instead. 

What did we learn today?

Sometimes Grandma sends mixed signals about what exactly she wants me to do. I try to figure it out to make her happy. 

Sometimes it doesn't work out. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Costumes (and DIY!)

Happy October! It's Halloween time! Yippee!

Some pumpkins I carved last year.
(image via me)
Another pumpkin I carved last year.
(image via me)
Besides the fact that October is the hottest month in San Francisco, October is my favorite month. I hate sweating, but I love Halloween! You get to dress up, eat candy, put yummy spices in your drinks and baked goods, and put up the best decorations! Halloween has the best decorations out of all of the holidays, in my opinion. Skulls and pumpkins and The Nightmare Before Christmas and zombies and witches and cobwebs! Nothing gets me in the spooky spirit more than walking through a web of stretched out cotton fibers.

I also love Halloween crafting and DIY. My Spooky Halloween Pinterest board is updated year-round. 

Speaking of DIY... This post is going to teach you how to DIY two different costumes: Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time (my costume last year) and Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers (my costume this year)

(image via
(image via

Adventure Time is an amazing show. I fell in love during the Summer of 2013 and never looked back.
(image via
It's a cartoon about Jake the Dog and Finn the Human (the last of their species) and their adventures in the post-apocalyptic, mystical Land of Ooo. Pretty great. They actually explore some deep and progressive topics such as feminism, gender neutrality, and love. Of course there are also a few episodes that are mainly about the trippy weirdness of Ooo, but the show is a great source of hope for future generations in terms of gender roles and society. 

There are even gender swap episodes!
(image via

My favorite character on the show is Lumpy Space Princess, voiced by the show's creator, Pendleton Ward. Yes, a man. It's the best. LSP is a valley-girl cloud/blob/lump of lumps that is constantly fighting an inner battle between trying to make her lumps look attractive for boys and learning that the "hottest lumps" are "on the inside." She is also a very beautiful shade of light lavender purple, my favorite color.

DIY yourself a lumpin' awesome LSP costume:

  • purple tulle (I think I used 3 yards of 54-inch tulle...)
  • purple dress (preferably strapless)
  • purple wig
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • scissors
  • yellow paper or plastic (I used a piece of a Forever21 bag)
  • purple shoes (not necessary, but a nice touch)
Where to get the stuff and prices:
Amazon - $4.99
(image via shipping email)

Amazon - $14.59
(image via shipping email)

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store - approx. $3.36
(image via

I already owned the glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, yellow plastic, and shoes. 

  1. Heat up hot glue gun.
  2. Lay dress on flat surface.
  3. Cut tulle into foot-long pieces. This is optional, but will make the tulle much more manageable to work with.
  4. Once the glue is hot, dot a few dots onto the top of the dress.
  5. Lump and bunch up the tulle on the glue dots. 
  6. Repeat for the whole top of the dress.
  7. Dot glue under the first row.
  8. Bunch the second row of tulle lumps so they overlap the visible glue dots from the first row. Basically, you want to make sure the tulle is lumpy enough that it becomes almost opaque enough to not see the glue underneath.
  9. Repeat this for the whole front.
  10. Wait for glue to cool and harden.
  11. Flip dress over.
  12. Repeat steps 5 through 10.
  13. Check the sides of the dress and fill in any empty spots.
  14. Add any remaining tulle to random spots on the dress. This will make the lumps less uniform and the whole costume more overall lumpy. 
  15. Wait for glue to cool and harden.
  16. Cut out a star from yellow paper or plastic. I used a piece of a yellow Forever21 bag.
  17. Put on your lumps!
  18. Flop on your wig!
  19. Stick the star on your bumpy bangs!
  20. Slip on your shoes!
  21. Slap on some purple lipstick!
  22. Get sassy and a lil bit of a bad attitude!
Oh, my glob! You look like, so lumpin' hot!

This year, I am going to dress-up as Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. 
(image via
This show is just everything to me. Everything. It's freaking hilarious, the animation is really cool, the voice acting is phenomenal, and THE PUNS. I also love running gags and this show's got 'em.

Now, Tina. Tina is my spirit animal. I connect with her on a spiritual level. She loves boys and butts, she is a "strong, smart, sensual woman," she writes erotic friend fiction, and her catch phrase is "uuuuuuuuhhhhh." She's also incredibly awkward and often anxious, but fights through her faults to try to get what she wants. When it doesn't work out (most of the time), she's okay with it. She knows who she is and doesn't apologize. What's not to love?

(image via
(image via
(image via
(image via
I also just remembered that like LSP, Tina is voiced by a man. Interesting. As a young woman with a pretty deep voice, I guess I relate to these characters more than I thought.

(Fun fact: My voice has been mistaken as a man's on numerous occasions at the Taco Bell drive-thru in my hometown. "You're total is $4.37, sir. Please pull to the window." Then I pull up with a bow in my hair and lipstick on my teeth and the employee looks confused.)

The rest of the Belcher family ain't bad either. Bob tries to balance his passion for cuisine with keeping the restaurant in business and loving/dealing with his quirky family. Linda's greatest fault is her undying optimism and support for her husband and kids. Gene is the weird lil brother I've always wanted. And Louise. Oh, Louise. Constantly angry and yelling about it. Or causing trouble. Or plotting revenge. Or slapping boys. But also yelling. Always yelling.

Back to Tina. Tina's look is pretty simple. AKA a great character to dress-up as, especially when you live across the Bay with Grandma and all of the Halloween events you will be attending are in San Francisco. I would not want to carry the LSP costume with me on that trek.

The parts to the Tina costume are:
  • yellow barrette
  • Buddy Holly glasses
  • light blue t-shirt
  • dark blue skirt
  • knee-high tube socks
  • black Converse Chucks

I've already got the barrette, skirt, and awkwardness towards humans of the male variety. I'm halfway there! Also, my go-to dark blue Chucks are falling apart (I've had them since like, 9th grade. Seriously. Converse are amazing. This is not a sponsored post. However, I would definitely not be opposed to being sponsored by Converse. Hey, Converse! Hey! Alright, time to get out of these parentheses. Do you even remember what I was talking about?), so buying Tina's pair is actually doable and necessary.

So now you know how to dress up as LSP and Tina. Or a cloud and a nerdy teen girl. Or cotton candy and a nerdy teen girl. Or a loofa and a nerdy teen girl. Do with the information as you wish.

Do you know what you're dressing up as this year? Leave it in the comments! I wanna know!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Every year, I bring fewer clothes than the last. Last year, I filled up half a closet, half a clothes rack, a set of Rubbermaid drawers, five drawers under my bed, half a shoe rack, and a large portion of a scarf rack.

This year, I only brought one suitcase. I admit, it was a pretty large suitcase, but it was nothing compared to the boxes on boxes of clothes I brought in previous years. I didn't want to bring too much because I knew I would be sharing storage space with Grandma and didn't want to force her to move too much of her stuff to make room for mine. I knew she would graciously move all of her clothes and sacrifice all of her closet-space for me if she thought I needed it. I didn't want that to happen. I am satisfied with the minimal space that my clothes take up. I'm using up a fourth of a closet, three drawers, an under-bed shoe organizer, and a small organizer box for my scarves, hats, and finger-less gloves. That's it.
How I felt while narrowing down my clothes.
(image via
I totally know the feels, Cher.
(image via

I am amazed. If you are friends with me, you probably are too. You've actually probably already heard me talk about my amazement because for the first few weeks of school, I would not shut up about it. It was my second main topic of conversation. (The first was answering questions about why I was in America and not in the UK studying abroad like I had initially planned.)

If you are not friends with me, or do not know me very well or at all, you should know that I really like clothes. I have a lot of clothes. I like buying clothes, if they're at the right price (read: cheap). I get style inspiration from my friends, magazines, fashion websites, people out in the world, and plenty of fashion blogs that I frequent almost daily. I like styling outfits and giving advice on other people's wardrobe choices.

I am one of those people that will play music before going to bed while I pick out my outfit for the next day, according to the weather forecast. If it is one of those nights that my head hits the pillow before I can even think about another day existing, I at least spend a few moments in bed after my alarm goes off in the morning to plan my outfit. Even an outfit consisting of a hoodie and jeans has at least a little bit of thought behind it. The hair, makeup, accessories, shoes, and even socks are all elements that I think about. Usually.

I also have days when I really don't care at all how I look because it is just one of those days and I say a big "EFF YOU" to the world. That usually happens around that lovely time of month that every biologically female human loves to hate, period time. However, I've also found picking out a cute or bad-ass outfit can really help me feel better during that time as well. You just never know what's going to happen. Gawd, I'm just so unpredictable!
Just bein' crazy me.
(image via

So, you get it. Style and clothes are pretty important to me. They are important to who I am and how I express who that is. I'd rather get a compliment on my outfit or makeup (another love of mine, though slightly below my love for clothes), than on my body (not that I get many and I'm not complaining - I just really don't care to exercise that often and I definitely surpass my daily caloric needs), height (people love shorties), eyelashes (I really have no control over their length and lusciousness! Sorry!), or hair length. That last one always gets me. If someone comments on my hair length or how fast it grows, I usually say, "Thanks, I grow it myself," because WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY? I just never know. Anyone have any more suggestions? Or reasoning behind why this is usually worded as a compliment rather than a general observation?

Of course, all of those types of compliments are always nice to hear and I am always gracious for them, but I feel a bit guilty receiving them. I really have no control over those aspects of how I look, so I feel like the compliments are not deserved. They shouldn't be complimenting the random selection of genes pulled from my parents' DNA.

Now, style? That is something that I unapologetically put time and thought into. Having a smaller wardrobe has forced me to be more creative with styling new outfits that I've never worn before. Don't get me wrong, I am not against outfit repeating. I am probably one of the biggest outfit repeaters I know and definitely will be this semester. Kate from Lizzie McGuire would hate me.
Whatevs. Also, woo gif!
(image via

I'm pretty proud of how well I have been able to change up my outfits with the limited amount that I have. Almost as proud as how proud I am for being able to narrow down a small enough pile of clothes to bring from the abyss of my closet at Mom and Dad's house. I've been learning the importance of simplicity and determining what the essentials are in my life. Reducing my wardrobe was definitely a great exercise in that.
However, I could never whittle down my closet to just this! Yikes!
(image via

Sunday, September 14, 2014


One of the biggest changes between living with Grandma and Grandpa in Vallejo versus living with friends in San Francisco is the commute to and from school and work (on campus). The main reason being I am no longer traveling exclusively within San Francisco. Now I get the added fun of traveling through water!

This isn't my first experience with a longer commute. My commute has gradually increased over the past three semesters along with the increase in distance from campus.

Fall 2013: 15-30 minutes on the 28 or 28L from the Sunset.
Students getting ready to sardine themselves onto the 28.
(image via

Spring 2014: 30-45 minutes on the 29 from the Richmond.
(image via

Fall 2014: 85-130 minutes on the Ferry and M line MUNI from Vallejo.
Freaking majestic as eff.
(image via
Probably 20 minutes late.
(image via
Oh, MUNI. You unpredictable little turd.

This post is going to focus on the morning commute. Why? Because as a human whose entire being cannot stand to be late and miss out on something important for class or work, arrival time is a very important aspect of my life.

Such variation in travel time means an increased chance of being late to class or work. That is not an option. To ensure that I am not late to either, I give myself enough cushion time in case MUNI decides to take a big poop on my morning. This means I am usually anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes early to campus.

How early is that exactly? A better question would be, what time do I need to be on campus?
Monday: 10am
Tuesday: 9am
Thursday: 9am
Friday: 9am

The early commute also means that I wake up earlier than I ever have had to in my whole life (at least for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Wake-up alarm: 5am. Time I actually get my booty out of bed: 5:25am... usually.
It takes a while...
(image via my phone, unfortunately)

This gives me enough time to get ready, eat breakfast (or at the very least, prepare it to eat on the ferry), and get on the ferry for the 6:30 departure. I like to get there at least ten minutes early to get a good seat. This especially comes in handy on days when my phone or Kindle battery is running low. The window seats have electrical outlets! Wow! Technology!

The ferry arrives at the San Francisco Ferry Building at 7:30. Then comes the fun part: waiting for MUNI. Oh, MUNI. We have had our ups and downs. Not gonna lie, they've mostly been downs. Why can't you just be reliable? I just want someone I can depend on. I didn't even know dependability even existed before I experienced the wonder of the ferry. Always picks me up on time. Always gets me to my destination in a timely manner. I can actually schedule my travel plans down to the minute! If there was ever a time to prove yourself, MUNI, this would be it.

With a 30 minute planned cushion of time, I was 10 minutes late to my first day of work this semester. After riding the exactly 60 minute ferry ride, I walked down into the depths of the Embarcadero MUNI station and waited 35 minutes for the M to come. Me and a large, angry, tired crowd of M liners. Now I have a 60 minute cushion in case that ever happens again.

After all of this I do have to say, I do not really mind the commute at all. I've always considered myself a morning person. As long as I'm not asked to strain my brain too much, I enjoy watching the sun rise and those early birds getting those worms. I'm also someone that enjoys reading and listening to music and podcasts.
Making Spotify playlists is one of my favorite hobbies.
(image via
I'm always loling and looking like a crazy person on public transportation when listening to this.
(image via
Crazy book. Crazy good. I read it in 4 days. During the work/school week! That's a big deal.
(image via
These are things I can do during the commute! By the time I get to campus (all hour and a half - approximately - later), I'm usually pretty awake and ready to work, talk, write, listen, and function as a normal human being.

The variety of modes of transportation also means a wider variety of types of people I get to people-watch rather than just the to-and-from SF State crowd. For a person that gets great joy from making up stories, and even conversations, of strangers on the street, this is great news. The college-age crowd was getting redundant, anyway.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Before the semester started, I knew things would be pretty different living with Grandma and Grandpa in Vallejo compared to living with my friends in San Francisco. However, Tuesdays are kind of similar. Both Tuesdays have rituals involving location, food, friends, entertainment, and comfort. I decided to write this post in a list format in order to easily illustrate the similarities and differences.

1. Location

Fall 2013: my house, living room

If we had a welcome mat, this is what it would look like.
(image via
My roommates and I always enjoyed entertaining and having our friends come over, so our house became the dedicated viewing location of most TV and movie nights. Having people come to us also meant we didn't have to get ready and go to them. Score!

Fall 2014: Cache Creek Casino Resort, fifth floor (same floor as the pool area), first room from elevator across from the ice machine

*sounds of slot machines in the distance*
(image via
As members and frequent visitors of Cache Creek Casino Resort, Grandma and Grandpa tend to rack up the points and perks on the regular. This means they get a free night's stay at the hotel every week. Grandma always requests, and usually gets, their favorite room. The location is prime. We don't have to walk too far to get to everywhere you need to go: the elevators, the ice machine, and the pool and jacuzzi. The fitness center is also on that floor, but... I'm not sure if I'll be frequenting that area as often.

2. Food

Fall 2013: Tacos and homemade baked goods

Ours never looked this good.
(image via
Taco Tuesday! To celebrate, we usually made homemade tacos or went out and got Chipotle, at the very least. I mentioned in a previous post that my friend and past-roommate, Kiley, is an avid baker. She would always treat everyone Tuesday nights with either her world-famous cookies or her latest recipe find.

Fall 2014: Chinese food or sandwiches

That's the place. Mmm.
(image via
When it comes to food, my Grandma knows what she wants. She also knows what she doesn't want. Grandma never wants food that is subpar. Only the yummiest for Grandma. This basically eliminates all but two food options at Cache Creek. They are the Chinese restaurant and cafe. They are pretty delicious, in my opinion. I wouldn't know if the other options are yummy, because I've never eaten from them. I do what Grandma says.

3. Reaction to Seeing Friends

Fall 2013: Excited

(image via
My reaction to seeing friends: "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! Tonight's going to be the best. I am so excited for the episodes. Especially after last week. I wonder what's going to happen with Jess and Nick and Mindy and Danny! Oh, and did you bring the champagne? Awesome. We're making cookies. I just bought a new carton of Lactaid. Woo! Cookies and milk and not pooping my pants!"

Fall 2014: Reluctant

(image via
Grandma's reaction to seeing friends: "Oh, gawd. I already see someone I know."

4. Entertainment

Fall 2013: New Girl and The Mindy Project

New Girl.
(image via
The Mindy Project.
(image via
Both shows are highly entertaining rom-com sitcoms that aired Tuesday nights. We were a group of college girls that love laughing and meet-cutes and hung out Tuesday nights. Self-explanatory.

Fall 2014: Gambling for Grandma and Grandpa; swimming pool, jacuzzi, and free wifi for me

*swimming and thinking about the internet*
(image via
Grandma and Grandpa love to play their slot machines. Their favorite is "Tiki Torch," or "Tiki Tiki," as they have nicknamed it. I'm not much of a gambler myself, so I choose to spend my time at the pool and jacuzzi or in the room exploring the wonders of the internet. Grandma and Grandpa often join in on the jacuzzi time. 

5. Comfort

Fall 2013: sweats and cuddling

Of course, Ryan.
(image via
Comfort is everything. I have a tattoo that says, "The mind is everything," but I'm considering getting "The mind" changed to "Comfort." That is how strongly I believe in the importance of comfort. My friends and past-roommates know that the minute I get home, I run to my room, take off my clothes (bra, especially), and throw on some sweats. This was definitely a must for our Tuesday night viewing parties. 

My second comfort-love after sweats is cuddling. Luckily, I have cuddly friends. Tuesday nights were a comfy cuddly affair. 

Fall 2014: fluffy bathrobes and as many pillows as it takes to convert my bed into a cloud

(image via
One of the best things about staying in a hotel is getting to wear the fluffy bathrobes when provided. Cache Creek is one of those magical places. You best believe I lounged around in the fluffy goodness for as long as possible before putting on real clothes was a necessity. 

I need this.
(image via
I also need this.
(image via
I love pillows. I love pillows so much that I am retracting my previous statement that cuddling is my second comfort-love. It has been demoted to third. Pillows have taken its place. My ideal sleeping situation is to be surrounded by so many pillows my bed becomes a cloud. I am transported into a magical land of fluffy softness. I know clouds are actually made up of frozen water molecules, or whatever. I don't care. Laying in a bed of pillows is still what comes to mind when I dream of lounging up in the sky.

In conclusion:

It's always nice to have a few rituals here and there. It's pretty comforting to know that at least one thing will stay the same week to week (at least for a little while). I wonder what I'll be doing Tuesdays next semester... I mean, after I graduate. Silly me. There aren't semesters after graduation. It'll just be life. No classes. No professors to tell me what to do with my time. Just work. And bosses. In the real world. AAAHH!