Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grapes and Mixed Signals

A few years ago, I developed a theory about grapes. 

This is the theory: Grapes are basically tiny watermelons.

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A wild watermelon in its natural habitat.
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Now before you disagree and form rebuttals and get down in that comments section to prove how wrong I am, check out this Venn Diagram I made: 
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Anyway, grapes are pretty great. Watermelons are also pretty great. However, this post is just about grapes. And mixed signals. But we'll get to that in a lil bit.

I don't think I've ever met another human that did not love or at least just enjoy eating grapes. Kids, adults, teens, the elderly. Everyone loves grapes. Including Grandma. Along with mangoes, plums, and apples, grapes are in Grandma's top five fruits that she buys on a regular basis. The other fruit in that list is pineapple. Why didn't I include it in that first listing? I don't know. Let's move on.

A little over a month ago, the school year had just begun and Grandma bought some grapes. For some reason, she seemed to think that I was not eating them. Even though I was. I love grapes. Why would I not eat them? I would be denying myself of the simple but delicious pleasure of eating one of my top five favorite fruits. I explained this to her. Still, she reminded me every day until we finished that darned bag that they existed. This also led to some mixed messages from Grandma.

One night I was about to go to bed...
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 I told her "no thank you" and that I was going to bed.

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She was telling me some story that I can't remember now, but I had questions and started asking them. After a few answers, she suddenly was concerned that I was not sleeping and told me to go to sleep. Again. I don't think Grandma realizes that sleeping is one of my favorite things and I don't really need demands to do so.

The next day as we are in the car and pulling out of the garage to go to Cache Creek...
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She put the car in park and I got out and grabbed a bag of grapes.
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Neither of us ate the grapes. 

We brought them home the next day and stuck them in the fridge. Then I ate them for dessert. Then Grandma asked me why I was eating the grapes. She wanted me to eat ice cream instead. 

What did we learn today?

Sometimes Grandma sends mixed signals about what exactly she wants me to do. I try to figure it out to make her happy. 

Sometimes it doesn't work out.