About Me

Name: Michelle
Age: 21
Major: Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (TV, radio, and other electronic mediums)
School: San Francisco State University
Year: Senior (Last semester! Eek!)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Holiday: Halloween

I am a self-proclaimed Pizza Party Princess and Comedy Queen Wannabe. Basically, I freakin' love pizza, I hold the belief that every day has the capability to be a lil party, and I want to rule the comedy world one day. Dream big, right? 

This blog is all about my experience living with my grandparents during my final semester of college. It is technically an on-going assignment for my Writing for Interactive Electronic Media class, but I also just really like writing. I hope I can bring you a little joy and possibly a laugh! 

This is a silly picture of my face...