Sunday, November 30, 2014

Socializing, Gilmore Girls, and Packing

Last year, hanging out with a friend was as simple as waking up and talking to my roommate across the bedroom. Even if Michelle wasn't awake, I could still talk to her and wake her up and then, voilĂ ! Hangin' out with a friend! Just kidding, I wasn't that annoying. (Yes, I have a friend named Michelle. Yes, we shared a bedroom. Yes, we sometimes get mistaken as sisters and we have to explain to strangers that we are not sisters and we would have very cruel parents if we were sisters because we have the same name. Oh, you didn't expect that last bit of information? Well, I let you in on that fun fact anyway.)

Anywho, hanging out with friends a year ago was very very easy. Not only did I live with three of them, most of my other friends lived a short walk or bus ride away. Socializing and going out on the town occurred every weekend, sometimes even during the week.

I consider myself a friendly introvert. I enjoy going out with friends and socializing, but boy does it wear me out. I recharge my batteries by spending some quality time with lil ol' me. I like reading, Netflixing, YouTubing, internetting, writing, and coloring. I've recently rediscovered my love of coloring. I got this really intense coloring book during one of my Costco runs with Grandma. It has extremely detailed drawings of animals. Pretty neat. Really great for people that need to keep busy while binge watching Gilmore Girls. Coloring. It's not just for primary school children anymore. 

So as I was saying, I like my alone time. This semester, I have had a lot of alone time. Maybe too much alone time. This has been my least social semester of college. It's not that I don't want to hang out with my friends. I love them and I really do. It's just so much work to go meet up with friends when it's a two-hour ride over to wherever they are. It's so much easier to just stay at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Who needs friends when you have old people and Rory and Lorelai Gilmore?

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I do. I need friends. Who am I trying to kid? Everyone needs friends.

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There's just that pesky being-on-the-other-side-of-the-Bay business.

Luckily I have some pretty awesome friends. About a month ago, Michelle and Kiley offered up the idea that I spend the night at their place Thursday nights. They have an air mattress, so obviously I jumped on the offer! Not just because of the air mattress. That sounded like I was only down because I love air mattresses. Not that I don't think air mattresses are cool. They're pretty cool. It's just not- You know what? I think you get it.

Back to my incredibly generous friends... Their offer means I don't have to get home so late Thursday nights and then wake up as early the next day. Those of you that have read my commute blog post know what I'm talking about. This also provides time for us to hang out and watch Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Thursday night = Shonda night. A few times (most times), I have spent the night Friday as well. More time to hang out with friends! Yay!

These sleepovers have also increased the amount of packing and unpacking I do every week. Remember my Tuesdays blog post? I pack and unpack to go to Cache Creek too! However, I admit I have not been going with Grandma and Grandpa to Cache Creek every week. Sometimes I gotta take a break from the cigarette smoke, the bright bright lights, and the constant noise of coin sound effects. Plus, I feel bad having Grandma and Grandpa wait for me to get home to get on the road. By the time we leave, it's already so dark. Darn you, Standard Time!

I am now a professional packer and have narrowed down the smallest amount of essentials needed. My skin may be a little drier and my hair may not look as cute, but I can smell clean and not look homeless. I have seven essential toiletries that I always bring. 

My seven essential toiletries are:
  1. makeup remover wipes
  2. pimple cream
  3. under-eye cream
  4. assortment of drugs
  5. toothbrush
  6. deodorant
  7. dry shampoo
I'll throw in my retainers if I'm feeling like a really good girl. I've got some other stuff that gets chucked into my backpack along with my normal, everyday crap. They aren't as essential, but they're pretty necessary if I want to appear to be a normal, functioning member of society. They are my makeup bag, clean underwear, and maybe a change of clothes. However, I can always borrow something of my friends' because they have super cute style and- Did I mention?- they're awesome. They let me use their closets and it's great. Same goes for toothpaste, face wash, and shower stuff. Basically the most accommodating and exclusive hotel you could ever stay in for free. 

What I'm saying is, my friends are the best. I don't know what I would do without them.

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Actually, I do. I would be watching Netflix and coloring every free moment I have. Luckily, they have internet so we can still be homebodies if we want and watch Netflix on the couch and air mattress. I can live a few days without coloring.